Implementation of supervisory measurements and inspections of radiation sources by an authorised expert

The supervision and measurements of radiation sources are implemented by an authorised radiation protection expert before the start of the use of radiation source and subsequently in regular periods:

  • at least once per six months for radiation sources due to which an object is or could be a radiation object or less important radiation object;
  • at least once per three years for radiation sources, for which the entry of the radiation source in the register of radiation sources is sufficient;
  • at least once in five years for ionisation fire alarms;
  • at least once per year for other radiation sources.

Measurements of radiation sources and inspections of radiation sources can be performed by a person who has an appropriate authorisation.

The authorisation is acquired if:

  • they employ full-time at least one person who has obtained the authorisation of the radiation protection expert and
  • has an appropriate accreditation.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 16. 08. 2016