Radiation protection trainings

Employer must ensure the training of exposed workers, interns and students who use radiation sources or work on the observed and supervised area, as well as provide update courses and regular checks of qualification in connection with radiation protection procedures, training is performed by persons who have acquired the authorisation for working as authorised radiation protection experts.

Training is conducted in accordance with the framework list of training programmes under Appendix 1 of the Rules on obligations of the radiation activity provider and the holder of ionising radiation source. A detailed training programme, confirmed by the ministry competent for health, is prepared by the authorised training provider, or, if training involves specific contents of radiation protection contents in a nuclear or radiation facility, a training provider in cooperation with the facility manager.

The radiation protection expert authorisation for training can be acquired by a legal entity that fulfils the following conditions:

  • employ full-time at least one person who has obtained the authorisation of the radiation protection expert to teach about contents determined in the regulation that determines the training of exposed workers, interns, students, responsible persons for radiation protection and workers in radiation protection organisation units;
  • ensures that at least one half of the programme is performed by lecturers who have acquired the authorisation under the previous item; has a training programme which is harmonised with the framework programme and which was approved by the ministry competent for health together with the list of lecturers;
  • provides the premises and necessary equipment for training and
  • has a quality system in the field of training that is in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard which is proven by the certificate of conformity.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 16. 08. 2016