Universal service provision in a public communication network

A universal service is the minimum range of services of a certain quality that is accessible to all final users in the Republic of Slovenia at proper price - regardless of their geographical position.

The minimum range of services which a provider of the universal service must ensure 24 hours per day and seven days in a week includes:

  • spoken communication;
  • fax communication;
  • data communication with transfer speed;
  • free emergency call to European phone number 112, police number 113, missing children phone number 116 000 and all other numbers that are as such determined in the numbering policy.

The universal service provider must upon a rational request of a natural or legal entity ensure connection to a public communication network and access to public phone services at a fixed location. The connection is implemented with wire and wireless technologies.

The universal service provider must ensure the help centre and the centre for notifying defects and errors. The centre must be available 24 hours a day and seven days in a week.

Defects must be eliminated as soon as possible without diminishing the quality of services from the universal service range. The time of reports and eliminations of errors or defects must be recorded with the help of the computerised data processing system.

Conditions and evidence


The activity of implementing the universal service in a public communication network does not fall within the Services Directive. In this case, cross-border pursuit of the activity is not possible.

Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 14. 09. 2016