Private primary education with state-approved programmes

Primary education with state-approved programmes can also be provided by private primary schools.

The objectives of primary education are:

  • providing quality general education to the entire population;
  • encouraging the harmonious physical, cognitive, emotional, moral, spiritual and social development of an individual while taking into account developmental laws;
  • enabling the personal development of students in accordance with their capabilities and interests, including the development of a positive self-image;
  • acquiring opportunities for further educational and a professional career with an emphasis on the capacity for lifelong learning;
  • education for sustainable development and active involvement in a democratic society, which includes a deeper knowledge of, and a responsible attitude among students to themselves, their health, to others, to their culture and other peoples' culture, the natural and social environment, and future generations; developing consciousness of nationality and national identity, knowledge about the history of Slovenians, their cultural and natural heritage and encouraging civic responsibility;
  • education related to general cultural and civilised values which originate from the European tradition;
  • education related to respect and cooperation, for the acceptance of differences and mutual tolerance, for respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • developing literacy and abilities to understand and communicate in the Slovenian language, and in areas defined as nationally mixed, also in the Italian and Hungarian language;
  • developing abilities to communicate in foreign languages;
  • developing an awareness of the complexity and interdependence of phenomena and developing critical faculties;
  • achieving internationally comparable standards of knowledge;
  • developing talents and training for understanding and experiencing of works of art and for self-expression in different fields of art;
  • developing entrepreneurship as a personal orientation towards effective action, innovativeness and creativity of students.

Nine years of primary education is compulsory. A student concludes primary education when he or she passes the ninth grade.

Parents, guardians and other persons having custody of the child must ensure that the child fulfils the obligation to pass primary school.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 21. 12. 2015