Private primary music education

Primary music education can also be provided by private music schools.

The objectives and tasks in education in a music school are:

  • to discover and develop musical and dance talents;
  • help develop a personality and systemic improvement of the level of musical education of the population;
  • reach an adequate level of knowledge and gaining experience to start participating in amateur instrumental ensembles, orchestras, choirs and dance groups;
  • gain knowledge for continuing musical and dance education;
  • enable artistic experience and expression;
  • enable the personal development of students in accordance with their abilities and developmental laws;
  • educate about general cultural and civilised values which originate from the European tradition;
  • educate about mutual tolerance, respect for differences and cooperation with others;
  • ensure the transfer of national and general human heritage and the development of national consciousness;
  • educate for a multicultural society, while developing and maintaining Slovenia’s cultural and natural heritage.

Pre-school children, primary school students, secondary school students, apprentices, college and higher education students and adults can be educated in a music school under the conditions determined by educational programmes for primary musical and dance education.

Conditions and evidence


Private nurseries and schools may be established by foreign individuals or legal entities, which must fulfil the same conditions as domestic individuals or legal entities.
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 21. 12. 2015