Private secondary technical and professional education with state-approved programmes

Professional education with state-approved programmes can also be provided by private schools. In professional education, one can gain secondary vocational education.

Secondary professional education is gained in a study programme for secondary professional education and vocational-technical education and in a professional course, when a professional exit exam is passed. Secondary professional education is also gained by passing a master craftsman, foreman or shop manager examination.

The objective of professional education is:

  • to provide knowledge, skills and professional abilities which are needed to perform the occupation and the continuation of education on an internationally comparable level;
  • encourage lifelong learning; educate for sustainable development;
  • develop independent critical judgement and responsible behaviour;
  • develop the ability to understand and communicate in the Slovenian language, and in areas defined as nationally mixed, also in the Italian and Hungarian language;
  • raise awareness about individual integrity;
  • develop awareness about nationality and national identity and knowledge about the history of Slovenia and its culture;
  • educate students to be responsible in protecting freedom, to coexist tolerantly and peacefully and to respect fellow human beings;
  • develop and preserve Slovenia’s cultural tradition and teach about other cultures and civilisations;
  • enable inclusion in the European division of labour; develop a readiness to establish a free democratic and socially just state;
  • raise awareness about responsibility for the natural environment and personal health;
  • develop awareness about the rights and responsibilities of persons and citizens;
  • develop talents, the ability to experience works of art and the ability to express oneself artistically.

Conditions and evidence


Private nurseries and schools may be established by foreign individuals or legal entities, which must fulfil the same conditions as domestic individuals or legal entities.
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 21. 12. 2015