Private secondary general education with state-approved programmes

Secondary general education with state-approved programmes may also provided by private general secondary schools, which enable students to continue their education in higher education after passing the final exam.

A general secondary schools have the following tasks:

  • providing knowledge necessary for the continuation of education in higher education on an internationally comparable level;
  • developing independent critical judgment and responsible behaviour;
  • providing knowledge about the Slovenian language and literature, and in the areas defined as nationally mixed, also about the Italian and Hungarian languages and literature, and developing the ability to understand and communicate in standard language;
  • raising awareness about individual integrity;
  • developing awareness about nationality and national identity and knowledge about the history of Slovenia and its culture;
  • educating about general cultural and civilised values which originate from the European tradition;
  • developing a readiness to establish a free democratic and socially just state; raising awareness about responsibility for the natural environment and personal health;
  • developing awareness about the rights and responsibilities of persons and citizens;
  • developing talents and the ability to experience works of art and
  • for artistic self-expression and
  • enabling students to select their future career.

Secondary education is acquire in a secondary school after the final exam is passed.

Secondary schools have four-year education programmes.

Conditions and evidence


Private nurseries and schools may be established by foreign individuals or legal entities, which must fulfil the same conditions as domestic individuals or legal entities.
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