Private post-secondary vocational education with state-approved programmes

Post-secondary vocational education with state-approved programmes may also be provided by private higher vocational colleges. A higher vocational college performs the following tasks:

  • providing knowledge and skills necessary for work and the continuation of education on an internationally comparable level;
  • developing awareness about the rights and responsibilities of persons and citizens;
  • developing and encouraging awareness about nationality and national identity and about the integrity of the individual, and developing and preserving cultural tradition;
  • developing awareness about the affiliation to European culture and history and thus enabling international integration;
  • encouraging lifelong learning;
  • enabling development and the pursuit of the highest possible level of creativity;
  • developing independent critical judgement and responsible behaviour;
  • developing abilities to perform managerial, planning and supervisory tasks in work processes;
  • enabling the acquisition of professional competences in accordance with the professional standards.

Conditions and evidence


Private nurseries and schools may be established by foreign individuals or legal entities, which must fulfil the same conditions as domestic individuals or legal entities.
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 21. 12. 2015