Private adult education with state-approved programmes

Adult education with state-approved programmes includes education, training and learning by persons who have fulfilled their primary education obligation and want to gain, update, expand and deepen their knowledge, while not having the status of a primary school, secondary school or university student.

Adult education can be implemented in programmes for primary, vocational, secondary professional, secondary school and post-secondary vocational education.

Adult education is based on the following principles:

  • the lifelong quality of education;
  • availability of education under equal conditions;
  • freedom and autonomy in the selection of the manner, content, form, means and methods of education;
  • laicism of adult education, which is performed as a public service;
  • professional and ethical responsibility of educators;
  • respecting the personality and dignity of every participant and in
  • adult education which provides state-approved education, reaching the same standards as in education of young people.

In adult education, participants are provided with individual knowledge and skills, while they can also acquire state-approved education.

Conditions and evidence


Private nurseries and schools may be established by foreign individuals or legal entities, which must fulfil the same conditions as domestic individuals or legal entities.
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 21. 12. 2015