Operational monitoring of surface waters

The polluter or the person who must implement operational monitoring is obliged to ensure operational monitoring.

Operational monitoring can be performed by this polluter or by a person, authorised for this activity.

The implementation of operational monitoring of surface waters encompasses:

  • the measurement of water temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, oxygen saturation in water, concentration of oxygen dissolved in water at the sampling site;
  • measurement of other parameters, measured at the sampling site and which are included in the operational monitoring of surface waters;
  • surface water sampling;
  • preparation, transport and storage of samples;
  • takeovers of samples at a laboratory;
  • preparation of samples at a laboratory, measurement and analysis of samples;
  • assessment of analyses results and the impact with consideration of individual parameters subject to operational monitoring of surface waters due for establishing the impact of waste water drainage;
  • establishing the impact of liquid waste drainage or the drainage of waste water from the production of titanium dioxide or establishing the impact of waste depositing at the landfill on the surface waters and
  • preparation of a report on implemented measurements, analyses and assessments.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning | Last updated: 17. 08. 2016