Operational monitoring of groundwater pollution

The polluter or person obliged to implement operational monitoring must ensure the operational monitoring of groundwater pollution.

Operational monitoring encompasses:

  • measuring the level of groundwater and the depth of observation borehole;
  • repumping water from the observation borehole;
  • measuring air temperature and water temperature, electrical conductivity, pH value, oxygen content, opacity and redox potential at the site of the observation borehole;
  • sampling of groundwater and sample preparation;
  • groundwater sample analysis;
  • calculation and assessment of the change of basic and indicative parameters and concentrations of those pollutants that can with regard to the features of the source of pollution in the case of direct or indirect spillage of pollutants in groundwater cause the pollution of groundwater and
  • the preparation of a report on implemented measurements and analyses.

The person obliged to implement monitoring can perform operational monitoring alone or it can be performed by a person authorised for this activity.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning | Last updated: 17. 08. 2016