Removal of asbestos waste

Waste containing asbestos, also known as asbestos waste, includes hazardous waste containing firmly or loosely bound asbestos and waste contaminated by asbestos fibres. All these types of waste are classified as hazardous waste, because asbestos fibres are likely to break up, creating small needle-shaped fibres, which can enter the lungs and cause various illnesses upon inhalation. All asbestos waste is considered hazardous waste that requires special handling and suitable protective equipment due to its characteristics.
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Proper handling and disposal of asbestos waste

The hazards posed by asbestos and the release of asbestos into the environment can be prevented through proper handling by disposal entities and by informing every individual of its hazards. Asbestos should be removed from facilities in a manner that prevents or reduces the emission of asbestos fibres into the environment as much as possible.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning | Last updated: 31. 07. 2020