The first steps that EU citizens must take after entering Slovenia

This page explains the first steps that EU citizens must take after entering Slovenia.

A citizen of the EU, EEA or the Swiss Confederation, has the same rights and obligations in Slovenia as a Slovenian business entity. However, as a non-resident of the Republic of Slovenia, prior to commencing operations, an EU citizen must obtain a Slovenian tax number, and in specific cases, a personal identification number.

Those that are entering Slovenia for more than three months need to get a document certifying registration of residence.  

Slovenian tax number

A Slovenian tax number is required for EU citizens, regardless of whether they want to perform their activity in Slovenia on a permanent or cross-border/temporary basis.

A tax number is considered as a personal identification number.

A Slovenian tax number must be obtained from one of the tax administration offices.

An EU citizen that starts to do business in Slovenia as a foreign person or acting as a company representative, needs to obtain a Slovenian tax number. MORE+

An EU citizen wishing to establish a company or perform an activity on a cross-border/temporary basis as a foreign legal entity, is legally required to obtain a Slovenian tax number. MORE+

Certificate on the registration of residence

An EU citizen that plans to stay in Slovenia for more than three months, must obtain confirmation of registration of residence. With the confirmation, they will  automatically also obtain a personal ID number (PIN).

This confirmation enables the person to register their temporary residence in Slovenia. MORE+

Digital certificate for electronic transactions

A digital certificate enables a person to conduct electronic transactions with state authorities.

Several issuers of digital certificates operate in Slovenia; one is SIGEN-CA  - who issues certificates at the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration.

A SIGEN-CA digital certificate for a n EU citizen  can be obtained if they have a Slovenian tax and personal identification number. MORE+

For foreign businesses it can be obtained if the legal entity and future holder of a digital certificate have both obtained a Slovenian tax number. MORE+

Digital certificates can be acquired from alternative organisations that are listed in the Register of Certification Services Providers.

Please see their websites for more information: