Temporary entry in the ZAPS register

Individuals who wish to provide temporary/cross-border engineering services and other professional work concerning responsible design in architecture, landscape architecture or responsible spatial planning must meet all prescribed conditions. If they do, they are temporarily entered in the ZAPS register.

An individual must lodge an application for cross-border/temporary provision of services with ZAPS on the prescribed form.

When ZAPS finds that the applicant meets the conditions, they are temporarily entered in the ZAPS register. On the date of the entry, the applicant becomes a temporary member of the Chamber.

An identity card and a unified stamp are issued only at the applicant's explicit request.

Permits can be obtained here.

Conditions and proofs

Legal protection

  • Legal protection: Appeal
  • Administrative silence: Presumption that the licence issued in case of a public authority’s failure to respond in procedures concerning the temporary pursuit of regulated professions for the pursuit of the designing profession does not apply. The authority must issue a licence for each application for the temporary performance of the service.
Last updated: 08. 07. 2015