Decision on the temporary pursuit of a regulated profession

To obtain a decision on the temporary pursuit of a regulated profession, an individual acquires a licence to pursue a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia.

An individual must lodge an application for the cross-border/temporary provision of services with IZS on the prescribed form.

When IZS finds that the applicant meets the conditions, it issues a decision on the temporary pursuit of a regulated profession. The individual who has performed the service for more than a year, must extend their application once in a calendar year and provide possible new information.

If IZS finds that the individual's pursuit of a regulated profession has the nature of a permanent pursuit of the regulated profession, it may request permanent entry in the register, inclusion of the applicant in the Chamber and payment of all obligations to IZS.


Legal protection

  • Legal protection: Appeal
  • Administrative silence: Presumption that the licence issued in case of a public authority’s failure to respond in procedures concerning the temporary pursuit of regulated professions for the pursuit of the designing profession does not apply. The authority must issue a licence for each application for the temporary performance of the service.
Last updated: 08. 07. 2015