Temporary registration of a veterinary

Temporary registration is required by veterinarians who legally perform services in the EU and who wish to work as veterinarians in the Republic of Slovenia on a cross-border/temporary basis.

The application for the cross-border/temporary performance of services must be made at the Ministry of Agriculture orally (minutes are taken), in written form, by electronic mail or by application form at least 10 days prior to the first day of performing temporary services. When the ministry establishes that the candidate fulfils all the required conditions, it notifies the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber to temporarily register the veterinary.

There are some urgent single services which require guaranteeing specialist knowledge in the field of veterinary activity which cannot be ensured in the Republic of Slovenia.

In these cases, the client of the service must within one month after the performed service notify the Ministry of Agriculture of the personal name of the veterinarian, and the type and duration of the service. The Ministry of Agriculture then notifies the Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

Conditions and proofs

Legal protection

  • Legal protection: Appeal
  • Administrative silence: If the ministry that is competent for veterinary services does not reply within one month with an explanation of the delay or the result of verifying the conditions, the service can be performed.
Last updated: 08. 07. 2015