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A digital certificate is needed for carrying out services through the e-VEM portal.

Through the electronic authorisation system used by an authorised legal representative, all companies have the possibility to authorise employees or other persons for performing procedures.  A legal representative needs a digital certificate with which he/she authorises a person on his/her tax number who will carry out services in the name of the company. An authorised person needs a digital certificate for carrying out procedures for a company for which he/she is authorised. A legal representative can limit the period of validity of the authorisation or also revoke the authorisation.

All procedures through the e-VEM portal are in Slovene language.

List of electronic procedures that can be carried out through the e-VEM portal

  • Entry of companies in the Court/Business Register
  • Entry of an entrepreneur in the Business  Register
  •  Registration of companies’ changes in the Court/Business Register
  • Deletion of companies from the Court/Business Register
  • Deletion of a sole trader from the Business Register
  • Registration of tax data
  • Submission of an application for the issue of VAT identification number
  • Obtaining a permission for an artisan or small business
  • Registration of a member and a worker for statutory social security
  • Registration of a sole trader and a worker for statutory social security
  • Publication of an open work post
  • Obtaining a permission for an artisan or small business

Required software and hardware for using the e-vem portal

The e-VEM portal is an online service which is why using the portal is conditional upon having a computer with Internet access. For signing and submitting documents, the browser needs to have one of the supported digital certificates installed


  • a computer with a Pentium III processor or higher (depends on the operating system)
  • at least 64 MB RAM (depends on the operating system)
  • at least 5 MB free hard disk space (for installation of safety components and temporary files);
  • Internet connection with a minimum speed of 32kbps;
  • equipment for safe storage of digital certificate: a smart card reader, USB socket or similar. (A digital certificate may also be stored on the computer's local disk but due to safety it is advisable to store it on a disk that can be removed and safely stored.);
  • a scanner will be needed for certain procedures requiring scanning and saving additional documents in *.tiff format.


  • a web browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Firefox 3 or later), with JavaScript turned on;
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later for viewing some documents;
  • update packages with security patches for operating system and browser (recommended);
  • a digital certificate.

Users of other browsers

Document signing with other browsers (Opera, Safari,…) is not supported.

Services of the e-VEM portal are free of charge and can be used by all users who in their browser have installed one of the digital certificates for identity verification and electronic signature of documents by one of the certification authorities SIGOV-CA or SIGEN-CA (for natural persons or employees employed with legal persons), POŠTA®CA, AC-NLB, HALCOM CA FO, HALCOM CA PO 2, HALCOM CA PO 3.