SPOT offices

Within the framework of state support services for business entities, a new national service called SPOT  was launched in spring 2018. With that, the former VEM offices were renamed in SPOT offices (hereinafter SPOT (VEM) offices). The SPOT system – the Slovenian Business Point combines four levels. 

1. The portals

The first level is the portal itself. SPOT portal is dedicated to domestic companies and entrepreneurs, while the EUGO  portal is dedicated to foreign companies and entrepreneurs. 

The EUGO portal provides accurate information about the procedures required for performing business activities in the Republic of Slovenia. This method helps Slovenia meet the requirements of European directives and enables simple and friendlier operations in the market of the Republic of Slovenia.

2. SPOT Registration - electronic processes with the help of consultants

The second level of the SPOT system are the physical »registration« points for supporting business entities. On these points, the user can perform procedures on the SPOT portal with the help of a consultant. 

3. SPOT Consulting - Business consulting and regional integration

The third level of the SPOT system represents 12 regional (on for each statistical region) consulting points. Their purpose is to provide expert assistance in various fields such as counseling, workshops organization, training, exchange of good practices, regional integration, co-creation of supportive environment for business subjects, etc. What the third level of the SPOT systems offers is a significantly wider range of services that help potential/future entrepreneurs to raise market competitiveness. 

4. SPOT Global - Assistance to exporters and investors

The fourth level is the national SPOT point – SPIRIT Slovenia. This is a public agency, that carries out a rich set of services from the field of internationalization and foreign investments. It is aimed primarily at exporting companies and investors. 

Services at the SPOT (VEM) offices in the table below are free of charge. 

Foreign physical person can register simple one-personal or multi-personal company in the Republic of Slovenia at SPOT (VEM) offices.  


Before you can register a company at the SPOT (VEM) office, you need to obtain a Slovenian tax number (legal confirmation of tax number). As you visit SPOT (VEM) office, you must also provide foreign identity document (passport, identity card).

Some of these SPOT (VEM) offices are also independent companies and they additionally offer their own services that are usually not free of charge – for instance, companies that offer accounting services, etc.

Registration of other different types of companies (more complexed types of companies) can be done at Notary offices. Services at the Notary’s Office are paid in accordance with the Notary's Tariff. 

SPOT (VEM) offices: 

List of SPOT Registration offices:

List of SPOT Consulting offices:

SPOT Global 

Free of charge proceduresSole traders*Other business entities
Authorization to work with the e-Vem systemx x
Registration of a simple one-person LLCx
General proposal for the registration of founding the LLCx
Change of activity in the Slovenian Business Registerx
Change of the company, bussiness address, representative of the company and activity of the companyx
Change of the business unit in the Slovenian Business Registerx
Deregistration of a business unitx
The opening of the electronic book of resolutions for the newly created simple one-person LLCx
Registration of the intended companyx
Registration of the business units in the Slovenian Business Registerx
Registration of the employee into the mandatory social insurancexx
Deregistration of the employee from the mandatory social insurancexx
Registration of the employee against injury at work and occupational diseasexx
Deregistration of the employee against injury at work and occupational diseasexx
Submission of a request for the indetification for the purposes of VAT for all types of companiesxx
Registration of tax data for all types of companiesxx
Vacancy notice xx
Acquisition of craft license for all types of companiesxx
Registration of a sole traderx
Registration of the changes of the sole trader in the Business Registerx
Deregistration of the sole trader from the Business Registerx

* physical person that conducts business