Responsible auditor

The responsible auditor performs services of auditing individual types of plans in accordance with his/her professional qualification in the field of individual types of design, such as: architecture designs, landscape architecture designs, building construction and other construction designs, machine installations and equipment, electrical installations and equipment, and telecommunications designs, technological designs (chemical technology, forestry and wood economy), designs of geotechnology, excavations and sub-construction of underground facilities and other designs concerning construction (fire safety, safety and health at work).

The responsible auditor and responsible designer are fully accountable for the entire documentation, which is confirmed with a signature and stamp. The responsible auditor shall not perform an audit of design or design documentation in which he/she cooperated as the responsible designer.

The responsible auditor may be an individual who meets the given conditions for responsible design and has completed the supplementary examination for auditing with the competent professional chamber.

In pursuit of the profession, a responsible auditor uses a unified stamp and identity number.

Last updated: 27. 09. 2012