Responsible designer for engineering design

A responsible designer is fully accountable for each design he/she prepares, which is confirmed with his/her signature and stamp. He/she also guarantees the compliance of the prepared designs with the relevant spatial acts, building construction regulations and conditions, and that he/she meets all the essential requirements and compliance with the detailed plans.

The responsible designer is fully accountable for the mutual harmonisation of all designs of a project, confirming this with his/her signature and stamp.

The designer responsible for the design documentation has to appoint responsible designers for each plan of the project. If there is only one responsible designer appointed for the preparation of the design documentation, he/she also acts as the responsible project manager.

Responsible designers for engineering design are the following:

  • responsible designer of building construction design and other construction design,
  • responsible designer of machine installations and equipment,
  • responsible designer of electrical installations and equipment, and telecommunications design;
  • responsible designer of technological design (chemical technology, forestry and wood economy);
  • responsible designer of designs of geotechnology, excavations and sub-construction for underground facilities;
  • responsible designer of other designs concerning construction (fire safety, safety and health at work).

In the pursuit of the profession, the responsible designer for engineering design uses a unified stamp and identification number.



Last updated: 25. 02. 2014