Responsible manager of demanding works

A responsible manager of demanding works is accountable to the operator for compliance of all construction works relating to the design documentation used to decide if a building permit is issued, building regulations and regulations on health and safety at work at construction sites.

Responsible managers of works are authorised for individual professional fields:

  • construction,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • electro-technology and telecommunications;
  • technologies (chemical technology, forestry and wood economy);
  • fields of geotechnology, and excavations and sub-construction.

A responsible manager is a person who meets the prescribed conditions and is entered in the Directory of Certified Engineers.

A responsible manager uses an identity number and declaration to show which type of services he/she is authorised to manage.

If an individual has acquired their qualifications abroad, they should follow the procedure that recognises professional qualifications in Slovenia. If the authority issues a positive decision on the professional qualification, the individual is entered in the IZS register and they do not need to do a basic professional examination.


Exceptions meeting the conditions for the responsible management of demanding works: individuals with technical education who, on 9 November 1996, met the conditions for professional guidance, had a completed professional examination and 20 years work experience in construction.

Last updated: 06. 07. 2015