Responsible architectural designer (architect)

A responsible architectural designer (architect) develops plans for the construction of new buildings, housing estates, houses and other structures, monuments, etc, or for the adaptation of existing structures.

An architect cooperates with other building construction specialists. A responsible designer (in architecture) is fully accountable for the compliance of prepared designs with the relevant spatial acts, building construction regulations and conditions imposed by the authorities .

A responsible architectural designer is an individual who is registered with the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS).

To qualify for registration, an applicant shall have adequate practical experience gained after completing an appropriate course of study, have successfully passed a professional examination in architectural design administered by the Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning, and have professional liability insurance.

Upon entry in the register, a responsible designer in architecture is assigned the status of a licensed architect, and is provided with a stamp and identity card which he/she then uses in the pursuit of the profession.

Membership of the Chamber, which is mandatory, starts on the date of entry in the register. 

Last updated: 06. 07. 2015