Court expert

Court experts are persons appointed for an unlimited period with the right and duty to submit to the court, at its request, reports and opinions regarding expert issues regarding which the law stipulates, or regarding which the court believes, that the assistance of an expert is required to make a judgement on an issue.

An expert is a person who, on the basis of their expert knowledge, prepares an expert opinion on past and current facts, thus assisting the judge to establish and clarify the legally relevant facts.

Experts may only be natural persons.

The work of court experts consists of:

  • a report: in the report, the expert describes the actual conclusions drawn on the basis of their expert knowledge;
  • an opinion: in the opinion, an expert assesses the established facts in light of their profession.

An expert opinion is not binding on the court. In a period of five years, an expert must attend at least five professional training sessions. If an expert does not submit evidence of professional training, the minister orders their suspension and initiates proceedings to discharge them.

The tariff for the evaluation of the work of an expert defined in the Rules on court experts and court appraisers is used to calculate the remuneration for the work of an expert.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 27. 02. 2014