Court appraiser

Court (or certified) appraisers are appointed for an unlimited time and have the right and duty to provide the court, at its request, with findings on the economic characteristics of things or rights, and on the appraisal of their value or the value of the damage inflicted on such thing or right.

Appraiser may only be a person. A court appraisalis not binding on the court. In a period of five years, a couert appraiser must attend at least five professional training sessions. If an appraiser does not submit evidence of professional training, or if the Council of Experts for court expert opinions, certified appraisal and court interpretation (herein after: the Council of Experts) deems the submitted confirmations inadequate or insufficient, they may verify the proficiency and practical skills of a certified appraiser in one of the other ways for verifying proficiency under the law governing court experts, certified appraisers and court interpreters which they consider to be the most appropriate.

The tariff for the evaluation of the work of court appraiser defined in the Rules on court experts,certified appraisers and court interpreters is used to calculate the payment for the work of a court appraiser.

Last updated: 08. 04. 2020