Transport manager

A road haulier company appoints at least one individual as a transport manager. This person manages the company’s activity, is connected with the company (its employee, director, owner shareholder or is an entrepreneur), and resides in an EU Member State.

A transport manager performs the following tasks for the transport company:

  • Manages the transport;
  • Prepares transport contracts;
  • Receives orders;
  • Draws up transport plans;
  • Provides suitable equipment for the vehicle fleet;
  • Prepares a plan of regular vehicle maintenance;
  • Provides for the suitable training of drivers;
  • Draws up work plans;
  • Prepares instructions for drivers and provides for compliance with safety requirements;
  • Prepares and provides for suitable liability insurance to perform the activity and other insurance

A transport manager must be familiar with legislation and rules in various professional fields: civil, commercial, labour and social law, tax regulations, business and financial management of a company, access to the transport market, technical standards and aspects of operations, and road safety.

A transport manager may be a person who has acquired a certificate of professional competence to perform the road transport of goods or passengers or taxi services on the basis of a successfully passed test.

Last updated: 08. 07. 2015