Technical inspector of active fire protection

The inspecting and testing of a built-in active fire safety system may only be performed by a technical inspector, stated on the authorisation granted by the inspection provider.

The technical inspector must pass required tests and meet the following conditions: 

  • the inspector passed a professional test in the electro technical field or in mechanical engineering according to construction regulations;
  • passed the general and special part of the professional test in fire protection;
  • passed professional test in health and safety at work;
  • a minimum of five years of work experience as the responsible project designer in designing installation systems for active fire protection or as a technical inspector of the installed active fire protection systems;
  • meeting conditions for occasional work in explosive facilities due to the danger of working in explosive facilities;
  • in the past two years, the inspector completed professional training in at least three installed active fire protection systems. 

A technical inspector with the authorisation for responsible designing of fire safety, registered in the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, does not have to pass a fire protection test.

Last updated: 02. 08. 2016