Fish farmer

A natural entity who wishes to acquire a permit must successfully pass a fish farming exam.

Furthermore, a natural or legal entity who wishes to acquire a permit must employ or contractually appoint at least one person who has passed the professional fish farming exam.

A fish farmer farms freshwater or saltwater fish for food or recreation. The work includes: taking care of alevin, feeding the fish, and cleaning the ponds.

A fish farmer may feed fish manually or automatically, with funnels releasing food into the water. It is very important to regularly inspect the fish and maintain the fish health and safety conditions. Various sizes and types of aquariums, equipment, and accessories for alevin care are used. Fish farmers feed fish manually or automatically and they maintain a healthy environment for alevin. They also keep records on the development of fingerlings.

A driving licence is also usually needed to perform this work.  Fish farmers must have physical endurance, be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions and are skilled in practical tasks.

Fish farmers have often  completed secondary vocational school or secondary technical or science-oriented school, as well as a licence for driving vehicles and small vessels. It is important that they are professionally trained for performing fish farming activities.


Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 02. 08. 2016