Fishery keeper

A fishing keeper may be any citizen of the Republic of Slovenia who is over 18 and has had a fishing permit for three years and has passed the fishery keeper exam. While performing tasks set forth by law, a fishery keeper is an official with a badge and a work ID card.

Fishery keepers provide fishery keeping services, such as:

  • performing tasks set forth by law,
  • control over fishing according to law; control over fishing permits, catches, and fishing preparations according to this law;
  • assistance and advice for fishermen;
  • informing the information centre regarding the death of fish;
  • monitoring interventions;
  • recording and informing the provider of fishing management concerning unannounced interventions in water and waterside areas of the fishing environ;
  • ongoing keeping of records and monthly reporting on the performance of fishery keeping services in a manner and form set forth by the minister;
  • informing the fishing inspector.

When performing their tasks, a fishery keeper may carry out the following measures:

  • inspect the fishing permit and documents for determining the identity of fishermen who are catching fish or are near water with their fishing gear;
  • inspect the fishing gear, bait, fishing equipment, and the fisherman's catch;
  • temporarily confiscate the fishing equipment and bait from  fishermen who are catching fish or are near water if  have a fishing permit or are fishing in a prohibited manner;
  • permanently confiscate illegally caught fish that are then owned by the provider fishing management;
  • sell fishing permits;
  • take away a fishing permit from fishermen who are fishing in a prohibited manner.

A fishery keeper is appointed or dismissed by the Minister for agriculture, forestry, and food upon the proposal of the provider. They are appointed for a period of six years. After six years have passed, a fishery keeper may be appointed once again.

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 02. 08. 2016