Seller of plant protection products (PPP)

Distributors performing retail of PPP must have a signed permanent employment contract for at least one person conducting the sale of PPP.

A PPP seller must provide purchasers of PPP adequate information related to the application of PPP and health hazards for people and environment and give instructions for managing these hazards and take care of purchase, storage and sale of PPP and keep data on the PPP trade.

A PPP seller also conducts the following tasks:

  • advises about a suitable PPP from the sales programme and
  • advises about the application of personal protection equipment according to expert recommendations.

As per the Act governing PPP, a PPP seller rejects a sale of PPP for professional use to persons who do not submit their valid card on the passed training upon the purchase as per the rules governing the training in the field of plant protection products.

A PPP seller must have suitable education and completed training to acquire a certificate with the validity of three years. After expiry of this period the validity may be extended, if he participates in further training.

Last updated: 21. 09. 2015