Plant protection product (PPP) adviser

Distributors carrying out the PPP retail trade must conclude a working or contractual relationship with at least one PPP adviser who fulfils the prescribed conditions and must be present in a specialised PPP store for the predetermined period of at least 6 hours per week.

A PPP adviser carries out the following tasks:

  • advises on the method of plant protection against pests;
  • recognises the symptoms of the disease and pests as well as types of weed;
  • advises a suitable PPP or other method for plant protection according to the forecasts of plant protection monitoring and forecast service and general conditions of integrated plant protection;
  • advises and promotes the application of non-chemical methods;
  • advises on the methods of safe PPP application and managing of PPP, spray broth, package and residue, and
  • advises on the application of personal protection equipment.

A PPP adviser must have suitable education and passed training to acquire a certificate with the validity of three years. After expiry of this period the validity may be extended, if the PPP adviser participates in further training.

Last updated: 21. 09. 2015