Head of research – archaeologist

A head of research is responsible for professionally executed research according to the issued consent for research and professional research standards and for the submission of professional reports about the research.

In the field a head of research must provide:

  • suitability of the used methods and techniques of research in terms of content, type, registration of dates and complexity of the site as well as special circumstances of research;
  • suitability and integrity of documentation (documentation on the progress of works, documentation on spatial conditions, documentation on stratigraphic, structural, collecting or other units of observation, written documentation, image documentation, documentation on the collections of items, documentation on the collections of samples);
  • suitability of arrangement, labelling, storage and adequate conservation of items and samples.

A head of research may not manage on-site works of more than one research at the same time.

If a head of research cannot timely or professionally fulfil his obligations arising from the consent for research, the responsible person of the contractor must notify the supervisor about this within two working days, or within five days submit the ministry an application, in which he proposes a suitable replacement. Within this period, the function of the head of research is carried out by a deputy appointed in the consent for research.

A head of research must be constantly present on the location site of research. If a head of research is absent, he is substituted by a deputy.

The presence of the head of research and his deputy is recorded in the work logbook.

A head of research must enable the deputy of research and the inspector responsible for cultural heritage to examine the progress, documentation and results of research. Within sixty days after the on-site research works, a head of research must submit to the ministry, institute, contracting authority and competent museum the first professional report on the research and its results in a printed and electronic version for the needs of further procedures of protection, record-keeping of research and popularisation.

Two years after the on-site research works, a head of research must submit to the Ministry of Culture, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia and the competent museum a closed, systematically organised final professional report harmonised with the professional review on the progress and results of archaeological research in a printed and electronic form. When asserting the qualification, the informally acquired education, i.e. all forms of education acquired from the non-accredited study programmes, may be taken into account. Informal education may replace a part of required field experience and/or submitted reports.

A head of research must be in a contractual (business) relationship with the researcher.

In the case of the underwater research, a head must also have a certificate of the proper qualification for diving (at least a diver of 3rd level or technical diver of the 1st level).

Responsible: Ministry of Culture | Last updated: 16. 06. 2017