Controller for classification and evaluation of bovine carcasses

The tasks of a controller are the following:

  • classification, branding and labelling of carcasses,
  • keeping records on the established quality of carcasses at the slaughter line,
  • daily record-keeping of carcasses by suppliers, pig farmers and slaughter establishments and monthly sending of reports to the ministry responsible for agriculture and food on the slaughter,
  • classification and masses by a slaughter establishment;
  • cooperation with an expert organisation or individuals who organise trainings for work and expert trainings of controllers with the representatives of bovine farmers and competent administrative authorities.

A controller must have at least secondary education (level 5) of agricultural, veterinary or food processing programme and pass the training organised by the organisation appointed by the ministry.

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 02. 03. 2016