Professional worker in services for labour market

The concessionaire may implement the service for labour market, which is the subject to concession, only with professional workers who signed the employment agreement and who have at least the level 7 of education, passed professional examination and have at least two years of suitable work experience.

In every branch office where the service, which is the subject to concession, is implemented, a concessionaire must employ at least one worker referred to in the previous paragraph, who must be present with the concessionaire during the office hours.  

A concessionaire may start to implement the service, which is the subject to concession, also with a person who has not passed the professional examination and fulfils all other conditions, but this person must pass the professional examination, and the concessionaire must submit the certificate on the passed professional examination to the concession provider within three months from the signing of the concession agreement.

Responsible: Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities | Last updated: 27. 11. 2015