Chemicals consultant

Legal and natural entities who must obtain the authorisation for the production, storage or trading with hazardous chemicals, determine one or several chemicals consultants for the implementation of the act. The consultants must have appropriate education and passed the course and test listed in regulations on the production and storage as well as trading with chemicals. A chemicals consultant must: know the production or sales programme of a legal or natural entity for whom the chemicals consultancy tasks are performed, know the legislation and warn the employer about the requirements and their obligations, on regulations on the production, storage and trading of chemicals, consult the employer on other matters connected with the conditions for performing the activity based on regulations on the production, storage and trading with chemicals, represent the employer in administrative matters at the authority responsible for chemicals, cooperate with chemical consultants of other legal and natural entities who produce, store or trade with hazardous chemicals.

Last updated: 21. 12. 2015