Professional co-worker for advertising of medicinal products

The holder of the marketing authorisation has a professional division for advertising medicinal products with professional co-workers for advertising medicinal products to the expert public. The professional persons for advertising medicinal products advertise: to persons who prescribe or issue medicinal products; to health-care workers when advertising involves medicinal products for which the marketing authorisation of the authorisation of the health-care programmes provider shows that appropriate provision of information or training of the patient within the scope of health care or the training of health-care workers is required for the safe and appropriate administering of the medicinal product. Advertising of medicinal products to the expert public is performed by professional co-workers in accordance with valid regulations. Professional co-workers for advertising medicinal products must have an appropriate education and be entered in the register of professional co-workers for advertising which is managed by the relevant authority.

Last updated: 21. 12. 2015