Master bee-keeper

A master bee-keeper performs the following tasks:

  • the masterful management of all work processes in bee-keeping,
  • the planning, preparation, and control of their own work and the work in a group,
  • the organisation, management, and control of their own work or work in a group at bee-keeping facilities,
  • providing work safety taking into consideration the principles of environmental protection,
  • communication with co-workers, clients, and buyers,
  • developing entrepreneurial properties, skills, and abilities,
  • using computer equipment and software tools,
  • queen breeding,
  • producing basic bee products (honey, wax, pollen, and propolis),
  • producing difficult bee-keeping products (royal jelly and bee venom),
  • the preparation of honey drinks,
  • the preparation of products on the basis of bee products,
  • the planning and implementation of a practical training course at a facility (content, methods, teaching, and technical),
  • controlling and providing high-quality bee products and yields,
  • increasing productivity and economy,
  • optimising labour costs at a facility,
  • promotional activities and approaches to the market.

In order to obtain the title master bee-keeper, one needs to complete professional education and training for obtaining the title master bee-keeper.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 03. 08. 2016