Pharmacy manager

A pharmacy may be managed by a master of pharmacy who, apart from the general conditions for concluding an employment relationship, also fulfils the following conditions: has passed the professional exam; actively speaks Slovenian and also the language of the nationality in bilingual areas; is not prohibited, with a final judgement, from exercising his/her profession or providing pharmacy services. Master of pharmacy who terminates the work in a pharmacy for more than three years and wants to take over the management of the pharmacy or acquire a concession must take a knowledge test beforehand. If the pharmacist is unable to manage the private pharmacy for any reason on a temporary basis, an authorised pharmacist must be appointed. The authorised pharmacist must be a master of pharmacy and have passed the professional exam. The authorised pharmacist can manage the pharmacy for a maximum period of one year. If the pharmacist becomes incapable of working due to health reasons for a longer period of time, the pharmacist or their custodian must appoint a pharmacy administrator. The administrator must fulfil the conditions that are determined for a pharmacy manager. If the pharmacist dies, their spouse or child has the right to perform the pharmacy activity based on the issued concession, but for no longer than five years from the death of the holder of concession. In this case, the pharmacy is run by the administrator who fulfils the conditions for the pharmacy manager. The administrator is appointed by the spouse, child or their custodian. The spouse or child of the deceased pharmacist who fulfils the conditions for independent management of the pharmacy, can request the issue of the concession for pharmacy activities.

Last updated: 21. 12. 2015