Shunter on industrial siding

A shunter on an industrial siding is an adult who

is professionally trained for performing the tasks of a shunter, who has

adequate education and is fit for the job in terms of physical condition and

language skills.

A shunter on industrial siding in railway transport is

responsible for the following tasks:

  • coupling and decoupling of vehicles,
  • monitoring of shunting assembly,
  • stopping vehicles in the process of shunting,
  • securing railway vehicles from self-movement,
  • giving signals in the process of shunting,
  • communication in the process of shunting,
  • making short brake tests,
  • decompressing brakes,
  • securing level crossings in the process of shunting,
  • participation in the securing of shunting paths and
  • switching.

Responsible: Ministry of Infrastructure | Last updated: 03. 08. 2016