Engine driver assistant

An engine driver assistant is an adult who is

professionally trained for performing the tasks of an engine driver assistant,

who has adequate education and is fit for the job in terms of physical

condition and language skills.

An engine driver assistant performs the

following tasks:

  • coupling and decoupling of vehicles,
  • including with an accessory coupling,
  • making short brake tests,
  • informing the train manager about the meaning of transport signs for permissible and safe driving,
  • securing railway vehicles from self-movement,
  • participation in the inspection of the locomotive,
  • monitoring of shunting assembly,
  • giving signals in the process of shunting, c
  • ommunication in the process of shunting and
  • decompressing brakes.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Infrastructure | Last updated: 03. 08. 2016