Registered nurse

Registered nurses are required to complete a traineeship programme, pass a professional examination, enter the register of health and allied professionals, and obtain a licence before they begin practicing their profession.


They may engage in private health care provision as legal or natural persons.

Registered nurses practice in the following working areas:

  • the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare;
  • social institutions and specialised social institutions;
  • health resorts;
  • social medicine, hygienic and epidemiologic activities, and health-ecology.

Registered nurses engage in the following professional activities:

  • health promotion, health education and teaching to develop people’s understanding of relationship between lifestyle and health, and of health issues and processes to improve, attain and maintain health;
  • organisation, management and supervision of activities and nursing care services;
  • management of nursing teams;
  • provision of nursing care on the basis of nursing history, diagnosis and established nursing care objectives;
  • participation in treatments as part of health teams and provision of diagnostic and treatment programs;
  • monitoring the outcomes and effects of nursing care interventions and documentation;
  • interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration aimed at ensuring the quality of patient treatment;
  • provision of nursing care as part of emergency medical assistance;
  • pedagogical work for in-house personnel turnover;
  • research work in nursing care and quality assurance.

Responsible: Ministry of Health | Last updated: 21. 11. 2017