Expert for inspecting air-conditioning systems

An expert for inspecting air-conditioning systems is an individual who performs inspections of air-conditioning systems with the purpose of ensuring energy efficiency. The purpose of a regular inspection of air-conditioning systems is the preparation of proposals for increasing energy efficiency of the system or its replacement.

The inspection is separately implemented for each air-conditioning system built in the same building.

The expert performs a visual and functional inspection of the air-conditioning system that encompasses:

  •  the comparison of data on built-in elements of the air-conditioning system with data from documentation;
  • the establishment of the state of the air-conditioning system as a whole and its elements and devices;
  • the establishment of the state with regard to regulation;
  • the establishment of cleanliness of air-conditioning system elements and
  • measurements of temperature and air humidity in one or several selected air-conditioned rooms.

An expert must have a licence for performing the inspections of air-conditioning systems.

Last updated: 04. 08. 2016