Higher education teacher

Higher education teachers are the carriers of education, art and research programmes. At their work, they follow and contribute to the development of science, art and profession in the field for which they have been elected, independently develop a certain area of science, art or profession and provide for the transfer of their knowledge.

Higher education teacher titles are:

  • professor, associate professor,
  • assistant professor,
  • lecturer (for implementing language classes);

for the implementation of higher education professional programmes also:

  • higher education lecturer,
  • lecturer.

Higher education teachers with the exception of professors all acquire their titles for a five-year period.

Professors receive their title permanently.

Candidates can be elected to win titles for areas as determined by the higher education institution.

A candidate can receive a title for one or several areas of work.

A candidate can receive a title with an appropriate education and verified pedagogical abilities and if they fulfil other conditions determined in the Minimum standards for election of titles of higher education teachers, scientific workers and higher education associates at higher education institutions.

Last updated: 04. 08. 2016