Business premises and technical equipment

The activity may only be carried out in a suitable business premise, however, only exceptionally may it also be carried out outside the business premises and at customers' homes if they cannot access the premises where the activity is taking place due to physical or mental disability or any other reasons.

The activity must be pursued in accordance with best hygiene practices (includes provision of hygiene-technical conditions, maintenance of equipment and tools, cleaning, disinfection, personnel training and waste management. The holder of the activity must ensure that the equipment, tools, appliances and products used comply with the prescribed requirements.

Business premise: 

  • the facilities must meet minimum health, hygiene and technical conditions, depending on the type of activity pursued in them;
  • hot and cold potable water supply must be ensured, waste collection and management must be in accordance with the rules governing the management of waste;
  • the size, arrangement, implementation and equipment of working and auxiliary premises must enable effective cleaning and disinfection, effective natural or artificial ventilation and adequate lighting according to the size of the premise and activity;
  • pursued to prevent cross-contamination between individual procedures;
  • in the working or auxiliary premise there must be a first aid box and/or kit;
  • and in the premise where the activity is pursued it is necessary to ensure toilets. Toilets must be equipped with a washbasin with hot and cold water, liquid soap and single-use towels. Clients may use the same toilets as the staff, except in saunas.


  • the equipment must be technically flawless, regularly maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
  • the equipment and tools which come into contact with the external parts of the human body must be clean, made of materials that allow adequate cleaning, maintenance and, where necessary, disinfection and/or sterilisation;
  • a plan for the sterilisation of the equipment and tools must be made for the sterilisation of the equipment and tools which must include: what is sterilised, when it takes place, who performs it, sterilisation method, control of steriliser functioning with chemical indicators and the method of waste management;
  • when the sitting and lying surfaces come into direct contact with the skin of the user, single use covers are used, except in saunas.

For the purpose of pursuing piercing, tattooing and other similar services and of performing procedures, where skin, mucous membranes, cartilage or muscle tissue is penetrated, the obligatory use of sterile utensils and disposable gloves is prescribed. Prior to the penetration it is necessary to perform disinfection of the body surface. The holder of the activity must familiarise the user with potential health risks stemming from the procedure and with the care following the tattooing or similar procedures. 

In the premise with the waiting room there must be a notice in visible and legible capital letters giving information on the list of procedures provided by the holder, on the health risks for the users and on the care required until wounds are healed and on the conditions for reversibility of individual interventions.

Last updated: 12. 04. 2016