Limited use of tobacco products

The production and sale of cigarettes with no printed data on packaging on the milligrams of containing tar, nicotine and carbon dioxide in an individual cigarette is prohibited. These data must cover at least 10% of the surface of the side of packaging.

The sale of tobacco products is prohibited to:

  • persons younger than 18 years. Tobacco products cannot be sold by persons younger than 18 years;
  • in automatic vending machines;
  • individual cigarettes or tobacco products that are not in original packaging of the producer and
  • tobacco for oral use can also not be sold.

The prohibition of sale of tobacco products to persons younger than 18 years must be displayed at the tobacco product shop at a visible place.

The seller may demand that any person whom she or he assumes is under 18 years of age prove their age by showing a public document. If the person refuses to do this, the seller may not sell the tobacco product to them.

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public and work facilities and on functional land of premises where education activity is performed.

Smoking is allowed:

  • in special smoking premises in accommodation facilities and at other providers of accommodation;
  • at nursing homes and prisons, i.e. in premises that are not purposed for common use if only smokers reside there;
  • in smoking areas at psychiatric hospitals and at specific premises of other providers of health care for mentally ill;
  • in smoking rooms.

Smoking rooms are not allowed in premises where health and education activity is performed.

A smoking room must fulfil the following conditions:

  • it must be arranged to prevent the flow of tobacco-polluted air to another room;
  • it cannot be intended for accessing other rooms and may not exceed more than 20 per cent of the total surface of the public and/or work area;
  • the area must be intended exclusively for smoking, catering is not permitted in that room and
  • no food or drinks can be consumed in it.

Last updated: 01. 03. 2016