Ensuring safety and health at work

The field of safety and health at work is determined by principles, rules and activities that must enable an individual (worker) successful performance of work with full professional efficiency and without harming their health from the first working day until the end of the working period.

Safety and health at work by content and purpose entails the rights and obligations of employers and workers to ensure in accordance with the law and other regulations and at determining and considering safety measures that are used to manage or prevent hazards at work, to ensure the level of safety and health at work which in consideration of the nature of work ensures workers the maximum possible level of health and psychophysical safety.

At the same time, the employer is obliged to adapt their actions to ensure safety and health at work to modified circumstances, to permanently improve the existing situation or the level of safety and health at work. More…

Supporting evidence

An example of safety statement with risk assessment

Last updated: 01. 03. 2016