Compulsory membership of the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia

Notaries must join the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia. The Chamber is a legal entity  responsible for:

  • managing disciplinary procedures;
  • assisting and protecting clients;
  • ensuring the safety of legal transactions, and protecting the reputation of the notariat as a public service.

THe obligations of individuals to the Chamber include:

  • the registration fee for a notary is EUR 2,295.11;
  • the registration fee for an assistant notary is EUR 183.60;
  • a membership fee of 0.8 per cent of income in the previous year, which is paid for a period of three months;
  • trainee notaries do not have to pay registration fees.

A notary must use a seal and stamp in his or her work. The seal and stamp must include the coat of arms of the Republic of Slovenia, the name and surname of the notary, the title of the notary's office and the address of the notary's registered office.

Last updated: 25. 02. 2014