Status and registration

Renting rooms, dwellings and holiday houses or receiving guests for short-term accommodation in accommodation hospitality facilities is considered as the carrying out of hospitality activity that must be registered.

Guests can be accommodate by: 

  • legal entities or sole entrepreneurs registered for carrying out a hospitality activity,
  • associations that have this activity determined in their founding act,
  • natural entities private individuals and farmers.

Private individuals and farmers can carry out the accommodation activity in residential premises or on farms. 

  • Private individuals are restricted to carry out this activity only occasionally, in total not exceeding five months in a calendar year and they can offer guests a maximum of up to 15 beds;
  • farmers are restricted to carry out the activity as a supplementary activity on a farm in accordance with the governmental regulation (max. 10 rooms and dormitory rooms, max. 30 beds and 60 seats). 

Natural entities must register their activity of accommodating guests in own or rented dwelling or holiday house as well as in other facilities, based on the consent from the competent self-regulatory local community authority, i.e. in the Business Register managed by AJPES.

Prior to this foreigners must arrange: 

Other conditions are also applicable for the accommodation of guests: 

  • minimum technical conditions for premises, equipment and devices (operating permit in accordance with the law on building – this does not apply for buildings built before 31 December 1967),
  • the minimum scope of services, the fulfilment of criteria including the categorisation procedure and appropriate sign board,
  • the conditions for ensuring the safety of food and safety and health at work,
  • managing appropriate registers (registration and check-out of guests).

Supporting evidence

Extract from the Slovenian Business Register (AJPES) the competent authority acquires it ex officio.

Last updated: 13. 03. 2017