Minimum technical conditions in a retail outlet

Retail is performed in an outlet which consists of:

  • a sales space where goods are directly sold, and/or
  • an open sales space where goods are directly sold, and/or
  • a warehouse where goods and packaging are stored, which is not a compulsory space of the store.

If another activity is pursued in the outlet, the space intended for this activity must be visibly separated from the section of intended for retail or be determined as such in the internal plan of this space.

The arrangement of the outlet's equipment must ensure the safe movement of buyers in the outlet and safe handling of goods.

  • The scales for weighing non-packaged goods must be located in the sales space in the section where the sale of non-packaged goods which must be weighed is carried out. The scales must be in compliance with metrological regulations, and suitable for the quantity and types of goods being sold. If goods are weighed together with packaging (except paper, foil and bags used for delicacies), the scales must include the function of tare weight, which must facilitate the determination of only the actual weight of goods when establishing the price. If the scales do not have this function, the vendor must deduct the weight of the packaging from the total weight, and, when determining the price, take into account only the actual weight of the goods.
  • Changing rooms for trying on clothes with a mirror, hanger and a seat must be part of the sales space where clothes are sold.
  • A seat and mirror must be part of the sales space where footwear is sold.
  • Shopping baskets or trolleys must be located in the sales space with self-service, except if this does not comply with the type or manner of selling goods.

Exterior of a retail outlet:

  • The access to the entrance must be well organised and unobstructed.
  • The façade of the outlet must include a sign in a visible position bearing the name of the company and place of establishment of the trader, and the potential name of the store.
  • A schedule of the working hours of the outlet must be located n a visible position near the entrance.
  • If retail is conducted also in a suitably arranged space next to the outlet, unobstructed movement must be ensured in this space.
Last updated: 25. 02. 2014