Slovenian mountain guide card and badge

When carrying out their professional services, mountain guides and trainee mountain guides must have a visibly displayed badge and carry a mountain guide card.

Mountain guide card and badge are issued by the Slovenian Mountain Guide Association.

The Slovenian mountain guide badge is oval-shaped. The badge has a centrally featured edelweiss with two gentians and a knotted rope below. The name of the mountain guide is inscribed beneath the rope. The upper edge of the badge is rimmed with the inscription Združenje gorskih vodnikov Slovenije (Slovenian Mountain Guide Association), while the inscription GORSKI VODNIK (MOUNTAIN GUIDE) rims its lower edge. The back side of the badge bears the mountain guide's number.

The mountain guide card contains the following data:

  • the photograph of the holder;
  • personal details;
  • the information regarding qualifications;
  • the mountain guide's number;
  • the date of issuance of the card;
  • the information on registration for a particular year.

The badge and the card are public documents.

Last updated: 06. 12. 2019