Successfully completed test for a person responsible for transport

The test must be taken by a person who is responsible for transport in a company or corporate entity.

The test varies according to the type of road for which transport the transport manager has applied.

Application and costs of sitting for the exam:

An applicant may apply via an online application or application submitted to the authorised organisation: Inter-es d.o.o., Trg svobode 19, SI-5213 Kanal, Slovenia.

On the basis of a complete application, the applicant receives a pro forma invoice to pay for the costs of the test via e-mail or regular mail.

Applicants receive a notice in which the board informs them of the place, date and time of the test.


The costs of the test are EUR 96.84.


Persons with certain higher education, post-secondary education or university education may be exempt from the test in those subjects which they have successfully completed during their studies. The applicant who wishes to be exempt from the test in certain subjects, must submit to the examination board an application to which the following must be attached:

  • a certified photocopy of the diploma,
  • a certified photocopy of the grade book or certificate of successfully completed exams,
  • a certified photocopy of the contents of the subjects from the study programme issued by the educational organisation where the knowledge determined by the programme of the test was obtained.

The board addresses the application and issues a conclusive decision which shows the recognised subjects and the subjects in which the test must be taken.

Supporting evidence

  • Certificate of professional competence of a transport manager.
Last updated: 22. 09. 2016